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Synthetic Fibers

We keep expanding the potentials of fibers for enriching everyday life by producing our unique and globally-recognized synthetic fiber, "Kanekalon".

Materials for Hair Accessory Products(Fashion wig, Extension)

Kanekalon is widely used for hair wigs around the world thanks to its resemblance to human hair appearance.
Product Name Application Inquiries
Kanekalon™ Fashion wig Contact us
Advantage Fashion wig
futura™ Fashion wig
ULTIMA™ Fashion wig

Eco fur(Cloth, Interior, Plushie)

This modacrylic fiber ,with its unique features of high flame-retardancy and resemblance to animal hair, holds an overwhelming share in the global market.
Product Name Application Inquiries
Kanecaron™ Fur, Interior Contact us
Kanecaron™ Lustrous Fur Eco fur

Flame-Retardant Materials (Workwear, Industrial, Interior, Bedding)

Protex, an inherently flame-retardant new Kanekalon fiber, is blended with cotton, polyester and other fibers mainly for production of curtain and protective workwear.
Product Name Application Inquiries
Kanecaron™ Flame-retardant fibers Contact us

New Materials

We are working to develop such innovative, next-generation fibers as Ion Adsorbent and Collagen Fiber.
Product Name Application Inquiries
Kanecaron™ Ion adsorbent Contact us
Collagen fiber
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