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We want to make people smile using our biotechnologies.



Catheters for intravascular treatment

Clogged or narrowed blood vessels are treated from the inside by our wide variety of catheters.

Testing equipment


SensiLase PAD4000

PAD4000 measures the skin perfusion pressure (SPP) and evaluates the severity for peripheral arterial disease (PAD).

Blood purification


Blood purification system

This system is capable of selectively removing just the pathogenic agents in blood.

(1) SULFLUX (Membrane-type plasmaseparator)
(2) LIPOSORBER™ (LDL-cholesterol adsorption column)
(3) Selesorb™ (Specific adsorption column for SLE)
(4) Lixelle™ (Adsorption column for dialysis-related amyloidosis)

Ophthalmic medical device


Lacrimal Duct Stent Tube LACRIFAST

LACRIFAST is inserted into lacrimal duct obstruction or stenosis to reconstruct lacrimal duct.

Regenerative and Cell Medicine


The Bone Marrow MSC Separation Device ( CellEffic BM )

A device capable of efficiently isolating and harvesting Mesenchymal Stem Cells from bone marrow fluid.

Programmable closed circuit cell culture system

Cell seeding,cell image capture and cell harvest are performed as programmed protocol under closed environment(for research use).

Regenerative medicine


Cell-Assisted Lipotransfer Treatment

Cellport Clinic Yokohama is sole Japanese clinic who is treating with patient’s own fat and stem cells as advanced healthcare technology.

Functional foodstuffs


Kaneka QH™

We led the world in successfully developing stabilization technologies for regenerative coenzyme Q10 in bulk and soft capsule forms. More than 90% of the coenzyme Q10 in the blood plasma of healthy people is regenerative. This product helps maintain the health of middle-aged and older people whose regenerative abilities have declined.

Kaneka Coenzyme Q10™

This functional foodstuff, which is extracted from yeast by a microbial reaction production method, is drawing interest for use in various food materials, including supplements.

Kaneka Glavonoid™

This performance food product ingredient was developed using Kaneka’s unique technologies. The main component is polyphenol derived from licorice, which is an ingredient used widely in food and other products. With the aim of maintaining health among middle-aged and older people, it can be used in a diverse variety of food products, including supplements, seasonings, drinks and desserts.

Kaneka Labre™

This plant-deriverd lactic-acid bacillus,which was discovered in a type of turnip pickle made in Kyoto, has strong ability to survive in the intestines.

HYALUROGLUCOTM (N-acetylglucosamine)

N-acetylglucosamine is an innovative ingredient which can be linked to Hyaluronic acid and Glucosamine.N-acetylglucosamine is converted into Hyaluronic acid in our body. In other words, N-acetylglucosamine is an innovative ingredient with 2 benefits as hyaluronic acid and glucosamine. Breast milk also contains N-acetyl D-glucosamine. NAG is easy to take because it has a sweet taste.


HGP KANEKA and other pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediates.

Products and Services for Biopharmaceuticals



KANEKA KanCapA is the affinity chromatography resin for purification of monoclonal antibody, which is developed by synergy of biotechnology and synthetic technology.

More Information

Support for Biopharmaceutical Development

We provide full support, from drug discovery research, to commercial production of the selected biopharmaceuticals.

· Contracted manufacturing and Services:
In alliance with Kaneka Eurogentec S.A. (headquarters: Liege, Belgium), we manufacture biopharmaceuticals and diagnostic products such as oligonucleotides, peptides, plasmids and proteins, and provide related services.

・Drug discovery search for biopharmaceuticals
GeneFrontier Corporation (GFC) is targeting the next era of antibody therapeutics in Biologics. GFC is developing new technologies for antibody therapeutics and beyond antibodies, like scaffold.
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