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We want to expand the utilization of our capabilities with raw materials and processing technologies throughout society.

Photovoltaic modules


Photovoltaic power generation systems for residences

Through many years of research and development, we have realized our VISOLA photovoltaic modules that are incorporated into tiles. These modules harmonize with aesthetic appearances by performing the functions of roofing materials themselves. In addition, our SOLTILEX photovoltaic modules for decorative slate tiles, which have subdued tones and do not degrade the appearances of residences, can reliably absorb solar energy in a wide range of exposure zones.

Photovoltaic power generation systems for public and industrial installations

Low-angle flat installations intercept direct sunlight and maximize stable power generation. Furthermore, since there is no need to leave gaps between installations, they can be installed with high density on every part of roofs, which can also greatly reduce the penetration of heat through the roofs. A variety of types of photovoltaic modules, including types that are installed on roofs as is, glass-sealed types and see-through types, can handle a wide range of diverse installation conditions.

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