Margarine Trying to be Butter

			Margarine was invented in 1869. It all started when Napoleon III wanted a substitute for pricey butter. Since then, it has become a very common food product, used in breads, cakes, cookies, and madeleines…Did you know that the butter used to create the taste and scent of these products has been in short supply ever since 2007?
			Due to a number of factors, including unusually hot summers, the production of raw milk used for making butter has decreased, and in 2008, the domestic supply in Japan was no longer able to keep up. At the same time, overseas, a jump in the price of corn used for cattle feed caused a rise in the price of raw milk. Therefore, it became difficult to reply on imported butter as well. 
			Without butter, we cannot make breads or cakes or confectionaries. Without anything to sell, shops and companies will not be able to survive. Bakers, cake shops, and food product manufacturers throughout Japan were literally running around searching for butter. 
			In response to their problem, flavoring ingredients and BTE technology have emerged from Kaneka’s foodstuffs product business. Existing butter-flavored margarine loses its flavor when baked, or over the passage of time. However, Kaneka has overcome this issue thanks to the proprietary expertise we have developed over time. We have developed a revolutionary product that recreates the taste, scent, and even the richness of real milk. This new product was hailed as a savior for the lack of butter, and played a major role in the Christmas season, when demand is at its highest.
			This role is a gift from the advanced fat modification technology and fermentation technology Kaneka has developed over the years since our establishment. We have been able to develop this sort of product because of our continuous eye on the market as the Japan’s only manufacturer that can produce and supply the bread and cake ingredients of margarine, shortening and yeast.
			Kaneka will continue to create unique ingredients for bakers, cake shops, and foodstuff manufacturers, and for the smiles of all who eat their products.

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