How are Health Food Products Created?
How are Health Food Products Created?
			We often see articles and advertisements for Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) in magazines and other places. Q10 is sold in a number of brands, but in fact most of those are made by Kaneka. Kaneka provides supplement companies around the world with ingredients as the only company in the world that can produce Reduced form of CoQ10.
			CoQ10 generates the energy all our cells use to live, but we cannot store energy. You need to create CoQ10 each and every day to maintain your youth and health. But CoQ10 decreases with age, so it is important to supplement it with foods or dietary supplements.
			CoQ10 was discovered by Professor Fredrick Crane of the United States in 1957, in the bovine heart mitochondria, which are power plant of the cell. The following year, 1958, its chemical structure was reported by Dr. Karl Folkers of the University of Texas, and after much research, it was found to have several bioactivities and superior antioxidant activity. In 1978, Dr. Peter Mitchell of the United Kingdom received the Nobel Prize for his research into CoQ10.
			Kaneka started research on CoQ10 four years before Dr. Mitchell received his Nobel Prize, in 1974. In 1977, we were the first in the world to succeed in mass producing CoQ10 using yeast. In 2006, we succeeded in developing our revolutionary reduced form.
			In fact, the CoQ10 that was common before then was the oxidized form, which is different to the reduced form that is widespread in nature. The oxidized form, as the name suggests, is “oxidized,” or basically rusted, so after it is absorbed in the small intestine, it needs to spend energy to be reduced. However, Kaneka’s Reduced form of CoQ10, which is already reduced, can work with the full extent of CoQ10 power.
			“I want to be as active as I want, even as I age”
			“I want to do lots of things each day,”
			“I want to be healthy”…
			These wishes, that anyone have as they age, can be answered with Kaneka’s Reduced form Coenzyme Q10.

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