The Kaneka Transparent Resin Story
The Kaneka Transparent Resin Story
			Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are representatives of saving energy and bringing a historical revolution to lighting. 
			LEDs are appealing for its characters of being highly recognizable and long-life span. However, when they were first developed, they were seen as far away from applications in daily life due to inadequate brightness.
			Improving the performance of LED chips would make them brighter, which also means that the resin surrounding the LED would be deteriorated by heat and light emitted from LED itself.
			Previously, epoxy resins or silicone resins have been commonly used to encapsulate LEDs as standard transparent resin. However, both resins were not considered perfect as epoxy resins, while being famous for its hardness, have little resistance to heat or light; silicone resins, while being resistant to heat and light, are not strong enough. In order to make LEDs practical, it is absolute requirement for resins to be both heat and light resistant while being transparent. However, no material manufacturer has been able to solve this problem.
			We have been hoping to across this threshold and respond to the demand from the world in some way. Kaneka’s R&D staffs carried out countless experiments to solve this problem. By creating a hybrid resin of organic compounds and our original compounds synthesized with our proprietary technology, we finally came to complete a transparent resin that is resistant to both heat and light. 
			In the future, we intend to widen the range of applications for this resin by utilizing its properties in sensor sealants, adhesives for optics, and many other areas.
			By making LED light even brighter and embedded into part of our lives, Kaneka will continue to make everyone’s communities brighter.

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