Roof Tiles That Generate Electricity

			Solar power generation is talked about more and more these days. However, photovoltaic module technology is still under development, and a number of issues remain.
			One of the issues is the relationship between conversion efficiency and cost. Manufacturers of photovoltaic modules strive to increase conversion efficiency step by step. Moreover, in order to reduce as much cost as possible, they work on the improvement of module efficiency as well as the research and development of new products.
			Another area that Kaneka has directed our attention to is the roofs of Japan. They need to function to keep out water and wind, but roofs are also one of the most important areas in determining the impression a house gives. So people have started questioning how large expansive rack mounted solar modules are impacting the architectural impression of the house.
			Kaneka has come up with a unique approach to solve this problem. This approach is to turn the roof tiles into energy generating solar modules.
			Kaneka introduced photovoltaic modules named VISOLA that are integrated with roof tiles using the advanced features of the thin-film silicon solar technology, which Kaneka has pioneered. The integration of the photovoltaic technology with the tiles results in a blend within the roof matching the original impression of the home, and, more than anything, it means that they can be installed effectively on the complex rooflines of Japanese houses.
			Naturally, in terms of power generation efficiency as well, Kaneka's solar cells have made great strides. The secret to their evolution is the hybridization of the silicon used in the solar cells. Kaneka has combined amorphous silicon solar cells with microcrystalline silicon solar cells to create its own thin-film silicon solar cells that combine the benefits of both.
			These thin-film silicon hybrid solar cells increase power generation ratios by about 30% over single amorphous silicon solar cells (* based on our own products). The thickness of the silicon layer is also reduced to just 1/70th of normal crystalline solar cells, helping to save resources.
			Kaneka will continue to spread solar power generation to the world using our proprietary thin-film silicon hybrid solar cells and our unique perspective as our edge.

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