Women Can Become More Beautiful With Hair
"A woman’s hairstyle is her life." That is a truth that remains as true now as it ever was. In Ancient Egypt, nobles would wear wigs in public, and today, wigs and extensions are popular with women around the world.
However, dark clouds have been gathering over the global wig market in recent years. The amount of human hair available for high-class wigs has dropped precipitously with the economic development of major supplying nations, and prices have been rising rapidly. If this situation continues, we may no longer have human hair wigs… People in the beauty industry around the world are concerned about this issue.
Into this, a ray of light has been shone by a new technology from Kaneka. Kaneka is the first company in the world to develop protein fibers, which are incredibly similar to human hair. 
The product, called "Kanekalon Ultima", is made from protein like human hair. While keeping a frame-retardant nature for product safety, we have succeeded in developing a natural texture and sensation almost identical to human hair, which is the strength of the Kanekalon series. It also allows making a curl set with electric irons repeatedly, which used to be impossible with the previous synthetic hair. Ultima is now gaining global attention as a savior of the hair industry, replacing human hair, and more and more people are becoming fans of Ultima.
Kaneka has developed a range of other hair materials, in addition to Ultima. By combining them, the Kanekalon brand has managed to maintain its global share in the hair industry. This achievement results not only from the development of materials themselves, but also from our unique product development system, which allows the development and proposal of final products. Our active marketing activities in Africa spent for many years, such as monitoring thousands of cases, are also a key factor for this achievement.
"Safe, high quality beauty to women all over the world."
Kaneka will continue to offer our high level of technical capabilities and passionate ideas to surprise the world.
More and more people are becoming fans of Ultima.

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