A New Light Full of Possibilities
We have incandescent lights, fluorescent lights, LED lights, and so on…All these lights have their own appeal and advantages, depending on the type.
OLED(Organic Light Emitting Diode)lighting is an amazing light source, unlike any lights we’ve seen before, where a thin pane of glass can give forth light. Compared to "point" lights like incandescent lights and LEDs, fluorescent lights and OLED lights provide light from their entire surface. Because they do not give light from a concentrated source, they allow spaces to be illuminated with more gentle, relaxed light.
Moreover, OLED is noted for the speed of its response time, so it has a great deal of possibility for use as decorative lighting when combined with a lighting program. As OLED lighting does not contain ultraviolet light, it is expected to be used to illuminates objects without ultraviolet deterioration.
At the moment, OLED lighting is not as well-known as other light sources, so it is not that familiar to most people. However, it attracts a great deal of attention from architects and designers as a light that can expand the possibilities of lighting design.
Amid this, Kaneka started selling OLED lighting panels with five choices of bright colors ahead of any other company, and has had a major impact on the lighting world.
In the future, we should be seeing more revolutionary lighting, unlike any we have seen before. Kaneka will continue to work on its research and development, supporting the development of future lights (OLED lighting).
Kaneka is first to sell OLED lighting panels with five choices of colors!

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