When combined with a hardening catalyst, this liquid polymer reacts with moisture in the air at normal temperatures. Elastic sealants based on this polymer are known as modified silicone-based sealing materials, and they offer excellent durability, heat and cold resistance, and economy. In addition, elastic adhesives based on this polymer are highly resistant to external stresses such as mechanical shocks and vibrations as well as temperature changes, and they are used in building applications.

Product Name

Kaneka MS Polymer™

Base polymer for modified silicone-based sealing materials used in building construction

Kaneka Silyl™

Base polymer for elastic adhesives


Performance Polymers

Resins with a range of functionality, including heat resistance, weather resistance, flame resistance, and elasticity, are transforming lifestyles by stimulating new technologies in a variety of fields, including architecture, automobiles, household appliances, and digital devices.