We are working to develop such innovative, next-generation fibers as Ion Exchange and Collagen Fiber.

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Ion Exchange/Chelating Fibers

Kanecaron Ion Exchange Fibers / Kanecaron Chelating Fibers scientifically modify various substituent groups by using Kaneka proprietary technologies.Those fibers have a high-speed adsorption and desorption due to larger surface, and can be processed into various materials compared to standard bead-shaped adsorbents.

Collagen Fiber

A "soft, gentle feel" that is smooth to the touch, "antibacterial" properties that prevent the development or spreading of bacteria, "moisture control" that absorbs and releases humidity, "flame retardant" properties, and "odor control" properties for removal of odors. Kanecaron regenerated collagen fiber is a next-generation fiber with five key elements.

Quality of Life

Performance Fibers

Fiber makes living spaces more vivid and more beautiful.

Kaneka produces Kanekalon/Kanecaron, one of the world’s most distinctive fibers. This international product continues to expand the potential of fibers in an array of settings.