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For Kaneka’s Value Creation (Innovation and Growth) Top Message

Prompt Response to the Changing Environment to Take a Lead in Technical Innovation

The need for energy saving and a sustainable society, including the Zero-Energy House, are increasing along with the growing world population, increasing demand for resources and energy, and rising environmental awareness. Today, IoT integrates different industries and generates new business models. Business opportunities are also expanding globally in the fields of advanced medical technology, health care, and nursing care due to the progression of the aging society and expansion in the medical and health care markets. Food shortages in emerging nations and aging in advanced countries are promoting dietary diversification and the need for value-added foods as well.

Management System Reform to Accelerate the Growth Strategy Based on Social Problem-Solving Efforts

We have made a great change to our management system in the new medium-term management plan for fiscal 2017. This change is intended to address global environmental protection, population growth, food problems, health promotion in an aging society, and other social issues. We also aim to accelerate our social contributions through new values generated from technological innovation, such as IoT and AI.
Kaneka Group joined the United Nations Global Compact in 2015. We are working on sharing our corporate philosophy to gain the trust of our stakeholders worldwide by implementing corporate initiatives in line with the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact in the four areas of human rights, labour, the environment, and anti-corruption.

Shifting from “Product Out” to “Solution”

Shifting from “product out” to “market in”: This management system reform is intended to empower us to turn our growth strategies into concrete actions from the solution provider’s point of view to steadily embody the reform scenarios.
Specifically, our business section was renamed Solutions Vehicle (hereinafter called “SV”) to carry out growth strategies from a solutions perspective. Nine new Solutions Vehicles were separated into the following four domains or Solutions Units (hereinafter called “SU”): the Material Solutions Unit, the Quality of Life Solutions Unit, the Health Care Solutions Unit, and the Nutrition Solutions Unit.
Setting R&D, globalization, and human resources development as growth drivers, we will actively promote open innovation to enhance the earning power of core businesses and accelerate business portfolio reform. Globally, we have established our regional headquarters in Europe, the Americas, and Asia for speedy community-based management.
It is essential for us to understand the customs and culture of the countries and regions where we operate, and offer products that suit local customer needs.

Further Enhancing the Production Capacity for More Creative R&D Capability

As a solutions provider, we are conducting research activities to strengthen the technology of global sourcing and open innovation. We also actively introduce cutting-edge technologies, pursue market and customer-oriented values, and develop creative technologies to provide unique, global number-one, and excellent materials. Last year, an operation site for corporate research and business development was established in Silicon Valley on the U.S. West Coast, where world-class R&D institutions and industries exist.
Based on the belief that only tough materials can provide solutions, we will do our utmost to develop overwhelmingly competitive materials.

Achieving Discontinuous Growth through M&A and Open Innovation

In addition to management system reform, M&A-based discontinuous growth is also essential for increasing sales volume to achieve our long-term vision. Integrated coordination between the Strategic Unit, corporate, and SV is expected to promote organizational M&A.
By breaking away from self-sufficiency policy and adopting open innovation, we will pursue technological innovation and cluster our business and products based on external technologies.
Kaneka will accelerate new business development through acquiring cutting-edge technologies, promoting open innovation with universities and venture companies, and facilitating partnership and M&A within and outside Japan.

Challenge to Business Innovation and Working-Style Reform

In order to promote business operation reform using digital technology and IoT and changing labor systems as a working-style reform, the Business Process Innovation Division was newly established. Company-wide cooperation for staff work management is also an important key to successful working-style reform. To achieve this, we have set up a Staff Function and Productivity Improvement Meeting to boost the cross-sectoral performance of the entire company.

Human Resources as a Source of Growth

Developing Capable Leaders and Promoting Diversity

We are currently working on building a system to facilitate reform. Above all, what is most important for reform is human resources that are also a source of growth for Kaneka Group.
While striving to develop leaders highly capable of driving reform within and outside Japan, we will also promote diversity, including women’s active participation in society to enable us to work more globally. Our sustainable growth will be achieved by steadily cultivating human resources who will support Kaneka Group over the next few decades.

Safety Is Our Top Priority

Based on our belief that “safety is a competitive strength in itself” for manufacturers, Kaneka’s management policy for all operations is “Safety is our top priority.” To achieve our goal of zero accidents, we will further raise safety awareness and strengthen disaster prevention through continuous initiatives together with top management, including facility inspections by the Board of Directors and CSR safety and quality inspections.
Since fiscal 2017, we have defined and enhanced our original eco-friendly products under the concept of environmentally friendly management.
This medium-term management is important in achieving the goals in our long-term vision.
We will be committed to solving social issues, creating an attractive company image, and building a competitive business structure to be reborn as a company that meets the expectations of all of our stakeholders and is evaluated highly.

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