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Top Commitment

Responding to Environmental Changes and Technological Innovation

On December 12, 2015, a historic global climate deal was adopted by 196 countries at COP21 in Paris, France, that is a framework of measures against global warming beyond 2020. This Paris Agreement indicates each country's strong sense of crisis for increasing disasters of climate change worldwide. Global businesses such as ours must further advance initiatives addressing environmental issues within our future businesses.
Meanwhile, technological innovation continues to grow at an ever-accelerating pace, as we see advances that were once thought likely to take several years start to materialize before our very eyes. People's lifestyles and workstyles are being redesigned while their needs are profoundly changing.
We believe that an environment where diverse people can work proactively will be the foundation of our competitiveness. We must endeavor to make this a reality.

Achieving the Declaration of Kaneka United

As set forth in our long-term vision formulated in 2009, the Declaration of Kaneka United for the future, Kaneka is focusing on “innovation and growth”, positioning research and development (R&D) and a global network as the driving force behind our growth. In fiscal 2015, we went ahead with plans to commercialize organic EL lighting, biopolymers and protein A resins. We are also strengthening our R&D in the medium to long term by establishing a regenerative medicine and cell therapy R&D center in Kobe. Creating new social value through R&D enables us to raise our corporate value and fulfill our social responsibility, resulting in our growth and development. By developing technologies and products that protect the environment and improve energy efficiency, we are moving forward in our businesses with environmentally responsible management.
In terms of a global network, after establishing our regional headquarters in Asia and America in April 2012, we established a European regional headquarter in Belgium last year. Utilizing this headquarter, we will further promote our business operations in Europe as well as in Africa and the Middle East. It is essential for us to understand the customs and culture of the countries and regions where we operate, and offer products that suit local customer needs.

Contributing to Society through Business in Key Strategic Domains

In fiscal 2016, Kaneka began implementation of a new mid-term plan.
Kaneka Group is making every effort to promote projects that can help address environmental and energy problems by bringing a solution to zero energy houses using combination of our products such as thin-film silicon photovoltaic module, insulation materials and storage batteries that serve to reduce the weight of vehicles and airplanes. In addition to such a solution, we offer new value such as biopolymers to conserve ecosystem.
Kaneka is also making a concerted effort to utilize our expertise in the business, where human health care and food production are concerned, through bio-pharmaceuticals, regenerative medicine and cell therapy, and plant supplements.
Through these products, we at Kaneka are carrying out our corporate philosophy: With people and technology growing together into creative fusion, we will break fresh ground for the future and tie in to explore New Values. We are also committed to challenging the environmental issues of our planet and contributing to upgrading quality of life.

“Safety First” is our Top Priority

Based on our belief that “safety is a competitive strength in itself” for manufacturers, Kaneka's management policy for all operations is “safety is our top priority.” To achieve our goal of zero accidents, we will further raise safety awareness and strengthen disaster prevention through continuous initiatives together with top management, including facility inspections by Board of Directors and CSR safety and quality inspections.
Kaneka Group joined the United Nations Global Compact in 2015. We are working on sharing our corporate philosophy to gain the trust of our stakeholders worldwide by implementing corporate initiatives in line with the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact in the four areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption.
We sincerely welcome your continued support.

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