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With Our CustomersQuality Management (Product Safety and Quality Assurance)

The Product Safety Subcommittee under the CSR Committee and its implementation bodies, namely the Product Safety Review Conference and Quality Assurance Promoters Conference, are responsible for all matters relating to product safety and quality assurance within the Kaneka Group.


Quality Management Activities

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We at the Kaneka Group strive to benefit society and satisfy our customers, through providing a stable supply of safe and reliable products. To that end, we undertake quality management activities to ensure the safety and quality of our products at all stages of design, development, manufacturing and sales.

In fiscal 2015, related activities included the following:

  • We established and widely publicized our Technology Transfer Guidelines, which integrate multi-faceted perspectives regarding safety, quality and the environment.
  • We worked to establish quality management systems that are tailored to each of our new business development areas.
  • We reviewed the status of our management related to product approvals and certifications, confirming that there were no related problems.
  • With guidance and trainings provided by external experts, we reviewed and implemented improvements to our food defense procedures.
  • We undertook a range of activities to build the capacity of our employees, including through outside seminars and in-house lectures by external experts.

Product Safety Review Conference

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Due to expanded business operations and diversified activities of the Group, we need to conduct an increasing number of reviews of our new services and products.
To respond to emerging opportunities in a timely and speedy manner, in fiscal 2015 the administration office of the Product Safety Review Conference carried out related pre-consultations (hearings).
Moreover, for products in new business fields, we involved external experts in the reviews, receiving their input from the initial stages of product development.

Chemical Substance Management

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Internationally, regulatory systems are becoming more stringent in order to achieve appropriate management of chemical substances related to consumer products. We strictly follow Japanese and international laws and regulations, and also actively offer information for the proper handling of our products, through displaying the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) labels and providing a safety data sheet for products.
Moreover, on a company-wide basis, we have improved our management of relevant information through our chemical substance management database, introduced in fiscal 2014.
We also will continue our efforts for information disclosure, including working with the Japan Initiative of Product Stewardship (JIPS), an initiative supported by the Japan Chemical Industry Association, which promotes voluntary efforts within the chemical industry to minimize chemical risks.

Audits and Inspections

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Companies within the Kaneka Group regularly undergo reviews and audits by external organizations, based on established standards and criteria such as the ISO 9001 standards.
In addition, we are working to improve our performance through CSR safety and quality inspections and internal auditing.

In fiscal 2015, the CSR safety and quality inspections included:

  • Inspections involving external experts carried out on the food products and medical device businesses.
  • In addition to the continued efforts to clarify the strengths and weaknesses of our CSR activities through quantitative evaluations, we worked to derive best practices for adoption by all plants, including those of group companies in Japan.


Based on a review by the Product Safety Subcommittee, we will work to ensure strict performance in regard to compliance with laws and regulations, and approvals and certifications, as well as our internal policies.
In addition, we will assure the safety of the products in our new businesses.

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