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With Our Employees Basic Concepts for People and the Organization

We work to achieve organizational change through fostering employee growth along with organizational growth.


Basic Concepts for People and the Organization

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The basic concepts for people and the organization―based on our corporate philosophy and long-term vision―are also at the heart of our personnel system. This concept, the Kaneka Spirit, has derived from ongoing dialogues between labor and management and evolved through the infused human resources systems, through which we foster people eager to meet new challenges, as well as a strong organization, diverse human resources, and inquiring minds. In fiscal 2016, we revised the system of evaluating managers to accelerate the company reforms.

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In fiscal 2017, we will further reduce working hours and revise the content of operations to promote the working-style reforms.
For promotion of diversity, we will also improve our work environment, where female and foreign employees can be more active.

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