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With Our Employees Respect for Human Rights

Our company respect for human rights and acknowledge and appreciate the diversity of individual values. We do not act in a discriminatory manner toward any of our employees, while upholding all relevant laws and regulations.


Human Rights Education

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We have established respect for human rights as the most fundamental principle to be upheld by our employees and the company. We ensure that it is well understood through our Rules of Employment and Ethical Code of Conduct, as well as the trainings for new hires and newly promoted managers This is also supplemented through participation in external trainings and conferences held by local governments.

■ Human Rights Education

Fiscal 2015Content
Training sessions for new employees (132 participants)Training concerning sexual harassment, power harassment, and discrimination based on nationality, and other issues.
New managers training (45 participants)Human rights education session with external experts

New manager raining session
New manager raining session

Labor-Management Relations

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In keeping with the labor and management joint targets, dynamic discussions are held through management conferences, central labor and management meetings, and meetings of representatives. Specialists committee of labor and management provides advice that is reflected in new policies concerning working arrangements or personnel systems.

Labor and Management Joint Targets

Labor and management mutually seek to develop business and achieve rewarding lives for union members while contributing to social progress.

Central labor and management meeting
Central labor and management meeting

Employee Satisfaction Surveys

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Surveys are held once a year for all employees to provide self-assessments regarding their career vision, and job and workplace satisfaction.

Measures Against Sexual Harassment and Power Harassment

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Aiming to maintain a work environment that is free from sexual harassment or power harassment, we take measures to ensure that all employees are aware of the Rules of Employment and Compliance Guidebook; we also work to prevent incidents of harassment and to deal with matters that may arise at an early stage, including through consultation desks at each of our worksites and an intranet-based reporting system.

Privacy Protection

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To protect the privacy of our employees, customers and others, we have established a Personal Information Protection Policy in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations. We are also continually working to enhance levels of information security, through conducting trainings and various information security education sessions, making use of the Information Security Guidebook prepared by the Information Systems Department.

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