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With Our Employees Employee Development System

We develop our human resources to lead our company's long-term vision, the Declaration of Kaneka United, formulated in fiscal 2009.


Commitment to People and Organizations

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We will make efforts to develop human resources who support reforms at Kaneka Group through early career fostering of leaders, including global leaders; active use of job rotation for skills development; and enhanced recruitment.
In fiscal 2016, we strengthened the measures to develop leaders and management personnel through the School of Leadership Challenge within and outside group sites. Furthermore, we were engaged in the active use of job rotation for skills development by enhancing cooperation between the personnel department and other functional divisions.

Career Development and Life Design

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To cultivate professionals who embody the Kaneka Spirit, we carry out various off-site trainings, such as profession-specific programs and career development support programs. We also enhanced a self-development support program for employees to pursue capacity building at their own initiative based on their own selections.
In fiscal 2016, we enhanced the basic skills of young members by significantly revising the induction training for new employees who graduated from colleges of technology and universities. We also improved voluntary training and expanded eligibility. Doing so successfully created a company environment where employees seeking self-improvement can enjoy diverse educational opportunities in a timely manner.

■ Implementation of Career Development and Life Design Support Activities (Fiscal 2016)

Program NameNumber of Sessions Number Participating in Trainings
Career-design training15230
Life-design training19172
Nursing care seminars569

Global Human Resource Development

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In the Overseas Dispatch Training, the trainee system has been enhanced to allow young members to become familiar with overseas operations from an early stage. Employees who have worked for the company for two years or more are eligible to serve as voluntary trainees working at a Group company outside Japan. Not limited to advanced nations, the scope of personnel development has been expanded to India, Indonesia, and other emerging countries.
In the Global Employee Development Program (KG Program), in addition to the "show-of-hands" style language training, the company also provides an opportunity to learn languages for those who are assigned overseas by the business department and who are engaged in overseas operations, in order to improve their practical language and communication skills.
In fiscal 2016, we have newly started the Kaneka Creative Corner, a group training sessions where direct guidance from our top management, and Zen sitting practice are provided to prospective national staff leaders from group companies outside Japan to cultivate their potential as global leaders.

■ Global Human Resource Development Plan (Fiscal 2016)

Program NameContentNumber of Participants
Language training
in Japan
Global Employee Development ProgramPractical acquisition of foreign language for communication(registered participants)
English and Chinese language trainingsAcquisition of languages required for overseas business89
Overseas dispatch trainingOverseas Trainee Dispatch ProgramOne-year work experience at a group company outside Japan17
Overseas language study programShort-term study abroad and homestay experience5
Language training before overseas transfer In-country language acquisition program before transfer1
Group trainingKaneka Creative CareerGroup training and Zen practice for prospective national staff leaders(outside Japan) 10
The Leadership Challenge WorkshopAcquiring and practicing leadership skills and follow-up(outside Japan) 79
(in Japan) 195
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