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With Our Employees Employee Development System

We develop our human resources to lead our company's long-term vision, the Declaration of Kaneka United, formulated in fiscal 2009.


Commitment to People and Organizations

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We are conducting activities to speed the development of "global" human resources―through expanding our education and training programs, active use of job rotation for skills development, and expanding strategic recruitment efforts.
In fiscal 2015, we strengthened our efforts to foster leaders and managerial human resources, including through the School of Leadership Challenge for newly appointed managers and organizational administrators. Furthermore, we have been continually carrying out upgraded next-generation leader trainings and overseas leader trainings.

Career Development and Life Design

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To cultivate professionals who embody the Kaneka Spirit, we carry out various off-site trainings, such as profession-specific programs and career development support programs. We also established a self-development support program for employees to pursue capacity building at their own initiative based on their own selections.
In fiscal 2015, we revised our career development and life-design training system, establishing age-specific career and life-design trainings. In addition, as a result of the discontinuation of the general career track and regional staff job classifications in fiscal 2014, we carried out Lively Training and My Work Training for former regional employees.

■ Implementation of Career Development and Life Design Support Activities

Program NameNumber of Sessions Number Participating in Trainings
Career-design training18301
Life-design training23257
Lively Training8140
My Work Training7156

Global Human Resource Development

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Seven years have passed since the introduction of our Global Employee Development Program and overseas dispatch trainings. Starting with fiscal 2015, we are working to improve the practical and communications skills of employees by expanding trainings that dispatch young employees to newly industrialized countries such as India and Indonesia, and launching a language training program (with local homestays) for employees scheduled for transfer overseas.
Also, we strengthen leadership and build our global network by expanding the number of companies participating in our Multinational Leader Development Program and the Leadership Challenge Workshop; group trainings held outside Japan that focus on locally hired staff. Going forward, we plan to further enhance our global training programs, with the aim of securing true leadership throughout the Kaneka Group.

■ Global Human Resource Development Plan (Fiscal 2015)

Program NameContentNumber of Participants
Language training
in Japan
Global Employee Development ProgramPractical acquisition of foreign language for communication(registered participants)
English and Chinese language trainingsAcquisition of languages required for overseas business121
Overseas dispatch trainingOverseas Trainee Dispatch ProgramOne-year work experience at a group company outside Japan15
Overseas Short-term Trainee Dispatch ProgramActivity at a group company outside Japan on voluntarily selected themes (about 3 months)4
Overseas language study programShort-term study abroad and homestay experience2
Language training before overseas transfer In-country language acquisition program before transfer2
People-to-people exchangeGlobal Employee Exchange ProgramTrainees from group companies outside Japan dispatched to Kaneka (in Japan) 2
Group trainingMultinational Leader Development ProgramCase studies and action learning on practices of leading global companies(outside Japan) 12
The Leadership Challenge WorkshopAcquiring and practicing leadership skills(outside Japan) 112
(in Japan) 159
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