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With Our Employees Work-Life Balance

We enhance our flexible and self-managed work styles and promote balance between work and personal life, so that employees can be motivated and confident in their jobs.


Flexible Working Programs

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We offer our employees various options for flexible and self-managed work arrangements, including flextime, discretionary work, and variable working hour programs. In fiscal 2015, we also expanded employee eligibility for the telecommuting program—from childcare only to also include family care, and currently, eight employees are using this program. Going forward, we will promote greater use and enhancements of our flexible work programs, to increase the options for diverse and self-managed work styles.

■ Discretionary Work Program Users

Discretionary Work Program Users

Childcare and Family Care Leave Programs

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In fiscal 2009, Kaneka acquired Kurumin Mark certification, which is awarded to companies that support employees' childcare. We have formulated action plans based on the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children, and continue efforts to achieve our targets.
Also twenty-two employees have used our newly-created child-raising subsidy program, while one employee has used the leave program when a spouse is transferred abroad.
In fiscal 2015, we made some revisions to our work-life balance support programs, including making employees eligible to use the shorter work-hours program for up to three years in the case of family care. In the future, we will be paying special attention not only to improving the programs, but also providing more information and establishing a consultation desk about family care.

■ Number of Users

Fiscal 2015FemalesMales
Shorter work-hours program501
Childcare leave program422

The Kurumin Mark

The Kurumin Mark is awarded to companies that are certified for supporting childcare by their employees

Employee Feedback
Balancing Work and Childcare with the Telecommuting Program

Internal Control Department, CSR Division Makiko KazemotoThanks to the telecommuting program, instead of spending three hours commuting to and from work each day, I am able to allocate this time for childcare and household tasks. My children are in the last year of daycare and second grade of elementary school, and both of them are happy that I can pick them up earlier than in the past. As for working at home, I am finding ways to organize myself for tasks that are practical to do at home, such as report writing and data analysis. I am also very grateful to have the understanding and support of my boss and workplace colleagues.

Internal Control Department, CSR Division
Makiko Kazemoto

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