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With Our Employees Occupational Safety and Health

Kaneka Group promotes various occupational safety and health measures aiming for zero occupational accidents, based on risk assessments at each business site, with consideration of factors relating to personnel, facilities, raw materials, and systems.


Occupational Safety and Health

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In 2015, a total of 13 occupational accidents occurred in the Kaneka Group, of which seven resulted in lost work time, and six did not. As many of these were due to being caught in machinery or falling, we provide a sensory learning program of a hand getting caught and safety-related activities to reduce the number of occupational accidents, in order to boost personal awareness of safety and safety management.

■ Zero Accident Principles

◆ All people, you and me, are indispensableWe ensure everyone is working safely.Pledge of safety
◆ Safety is everyone’s responsibilityWe do not miss sparing the time to seek safety.Participation in safety
◆ There is no trick to safetyWe always value a fundamental approach to it.Adherence to safety basics
◆ Be aware of potential dangerWe endeavor to eliminate safety risks.Safety in advance
◆ Where there is carelessness, there is the possibility of an accidentWe do not allow even a small chance of negligence.99%, yet 0%

Enhancing Our Occupational Safety and Health Management System

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Our all four parent plants acquired Occupational Safety and Health Management System (OSHMS) certification from the Japan Industrial Safety & Health Association (JISHA) in fiscal 2007, and have continued our efforts to enhance these systems. We are checking the effectiveness of activities and working to make steady improvements.
A summary was written of best practices for CSR safety and quality inspections, and the practices are being encouraged among group companies in Japan in order to further improve safety levels.

■ OSHMS Certifications

PlantLocationCertification DateCertification No.
Takasago PlantHyogoMarch 10, 200808-28-13
Osaka PlantOsakaAugust 21, 200707-27-10
Shiga PlantShigaJanuary 15, 200808-25-6
Kashima PlantIbarakiDecember 13, 201010-8-26

■ Number of Group Employee Accidents Resulting/Not Resulting in Lost Time

Number of Group Employee Accidents Resulting/Not Resulting in Lost Time

■ Accident Severity Rate and Accident Frequency Rate

AreaAll Kaneka GroupKanekaGroup Companies in Japan and Overseas
Employees of Kaneka and
Group Companies
Frequency Rate0.840.610.380.181.120.74
Accident Severity Rate0.

Kaneka Medix Corporation Awarded for Five Years Accident Free

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Kaneka Medix Corporation is a manufacturer of catheters and other medical equipment, based in Ashigarakami District, Kanagawa Prefecture. It has about 130 employees, and pays careful attention to safety rules, having published a booklet on the basics of health and safety at the workplace. It was recently certified by the Japan Chemical Industry Association as an excellent workplace for being continuously accident-free for five years. Kaneka Medix is continuing its safety efforts to maintain an accident-free record.

Kaneka Medix Corporation Awarded for Five Years Accident Free

Mental Health Care

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In order to promote mental health, Kaneka Group conducted self-care trainings at workplaces in fiscal 2015. Their purpose was to make employees—especially those in their thirties when stress levels can increase due to changes in their public and personal environment—more aware of the stress due to the gaps between expectations and reality, and to develop techniques to manage it. We also prepared a manual to assist employees who are returning to work deal smoothly after time off work for mental health issues. Going forward, the entire Kaneka Group is committed to promoting not only physical but also mental health.

Self Care Training
Self Care Training

Check & Act

Although we have implemented health and safety activities, accidents did not decline significantly over the past five years despite our target of a zero-accident record, as well as efforts to boost safety awareness and promote adherence to safety guidelines.
To continue making progress toward our zero-accident target, we will maintain our efforts, with special attention to stronger leadership by managers, as well as risk assessments with an emphasis on major risks.

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