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For the Environment Biodiversity Conservation

Considering the impacts of our businesses on ecosystems, we at Kaneka strive to develop technologies, materials and products that have less environmental impacts, as well as to mitigate environmental impacts of our production.
As part of our corporate social responsibility efforts, we also collaborate with stakeholders outside the company in biodiversity conservation activities.


Partnership for Biodiversity Conservation

We join the following initiatives.

  • Promotion Partners of the Declaration of Biodiversity by Keidanren
  • Japan Business and Biodiversity Partnership

Lake Biwa Walnut School

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We join the Steering Committee of the Walnut School, established to manage and conserve the Konooka Biotope (see note 1), located near our Shiga Plant.
Established as a collaborative effort by Shiga Prefecture, Otsu City and the local community members including our Shiga Plant, the Walnut School works to preserve this precious natural environment for future generations. Such activities include grass mowing, sidewalk maintenance, and updating educational signboard, and it also hosts seasonal nature observation gatherings some three times each year.
The gatherings provide valuable learning opportunities for children to observe rare plants, wild birds, insects and other wildlife living in the biotope.
We will continuously contribute to the conservation of the beautiful natural environment of Lake Biwa.

Note 1: Biotope: A place where organisms live as they do in nature. In human environments such as cities, biotopes are artificial environments created to regenerate and preserve a natural habit.

Outdoor activities by the Walnut School
Outdoor activities by the Walnut School

Children enjoy tasting tempura made from wild herbs
Children enjoy tasting tempura made from wild herbs

New Employee Training at the "Kaneka Forestry for the Future"

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Since 2012, we have been participating in a private forest preservation project promoted by Hyogo Prefecture. Named "Kaneka Forestry for the Future", employees at our Takasago Plant have maintained the habitat in Taka Town, Hyogo.
In April 2016, 73 employees, mainly newly hired, carried out tree thinning, and 52 employees and their family members participated in another session in November.
Since 2013, training for all newly hired employees has been carried out as part of the project. Through assisting each other on the precarious forest terrain in cutting and transporting timber, the participants were able to deepen their bonds of solidarity and learn to function well as a team.
At first, these activities were to be carried out in an area of forest of roughly 15 hectares over the five-year period from June 2012 through May 2017, but the period has been extended for another five years.

New employee training in the forest
Forest conservation activity by new employees

Reforestation by employees and their family members
Reforestation by employees and their family members

Firefly Viewing at Settsu-no-mori Kaneka Biotope, Osaka Plant

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Since November 2012, our Osaka Plant has maintained the Settsu-no-mori Kaneka Biotope. We have leased part of the greenery area of the plant to Settsu City, and managed the biotope collaborating with the Settsu Firefly Society. The biotope provides a wetland environment where fireflies and other wildlife can be observed.
Following on from the previous year, the biotope was open to the public for firefly viewing in 2016 from May 22 to 29, and local residents enjoyed watching the dance of the fireflies in flight.
This was the third firefly watching gathering held since 2014, and this year we had 743 visitors. Firefly viewing has become an annual event in the community.
We look forward to the biotope serving as a recreation area for the local community in the future.

Entrance sign of the biotope
Entrance sign of the biotope

The dance of the fireflies was seen again this year
The dance of the fireflies was seen again this year

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