Basic Policy

In June 2018, Kaneka Group established the ESG Charter to evolve its ESG management. Aiming to provide valuable solutions globally with a focus on chemistry, the ESG Charter serves as an action agenda for each employee to materialize our Corporate Philosophy.

ESG Promotion System

The ESG Committee and the ESG Steering Committee promote Group-wide ESG activities in line with the ESG Charter.
The ESG Committee leads the Group’s efforts in addressing environmental, social and governance issues. The Committee also inspects and evaluates the implementation status of the activities of each Subcommittee, shares information about key issues, and determines the direction of the necessary management measures.
In fiscal 2017, the ESG Committee met once, and the four Subcommittees (Safety and Human Health, Earth Environment, Product Safety, and Compliance Subcommittees) met once each.
The ESG Steering Committee discusses important matters related to ESG management from a company-wide perspective to promote the ESG Committee’s activities effectively.

Diagram of ESG Promotion System

Diagram of ESG Promotion System

ESG Inspections

To inspect the legal and regulatory compliance status of the Kaneka Group and to improve its occupational safety and health performance, ESG inspections are carried out, comprising ESG safety and quality inspections and ESG evaluation audits.
In fiscal 2017, we conducted ESG safety and quality inspections at all parent Manufacturing Sites, 14 sites of 13 Group companies in Japan, and four sites of four Group companies outside Japan, focusing on their material risk management status and change management status (multifaceted evaluation and effectiveness evaluation). We also conducted ESG evaluation audits relating to competition laws, including the Antimonopoly Act, for all business operations divisions, 26 Group companies in Japan, and five outside Japan.
From fiscal 2018, we conduct ESG safety and quality inspections and ESG evaluation audits on a continuous basis.