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Business Risks and Uncertainties

Basic Concepts for Business Risks and Uncertainties

Factors that may significantly affect the performance and the financial position of the Kaneka Group include those described below. Please note that the matters described are only those that we considered risks as of March 31, 2017 and that this is not an exhaustive list of risks borne by the Group.

  • (1) Risks related to the Group’s ability to maintain operational advantages and trends in the Japanese and overseas economic environments
  • (2) Risks associated with the globalization of our business (fluctuations in foreign exchange rates and overseas business development)
  • (3) Risks of price fluctuations of raw materials and fuels
  • (4) Risks associated with product liability, industrial accidents and large scale disasters
  • (5) Risks associated with the protection of intellectual property rights
  • (6) Impact of environment related regulations
  • (7) Risks associated with legal action
  • (8) Other risks

See the Financial Section for more details

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