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Sustainable ProcurementSustainable Procurement

We draw on our Basic Procurement Policy to engage in rational procurement that is fair, equitable, and environmentally friendly to mutually improve corporate value with our business partners.


Green Procurement Based on Basic Procurement Policy

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To reduce burdens on global environment, we adopted our Basic Procurement Policy, which declared our goal to pursue green procurement; this served as the foundation of our Green Procurement Standards established.
In pursuit of green procurement for all raw material inputs, we periodically undertake surveys on the status of environmental management system certifications attained by our suppliers, as well as inspections of materials for the presence of any prohibited substances.

■ Basic Procurement Policy

We will engage in procurement activities that enhance the corporate value of both Kaneka and our business partners.
We will endeavor to reduce environmental damage by engaging in green procurement.
We will provide opportunities for business partners to make fair and rational transactions in consideration of quality, price, supply stability, technical development capabilities, environmental protection, and safety.
We will abide strictly by the relevant Japanese and foreign laws and regulations.

Procurement Initiatives

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Our procurement departments stay in close communication with our business partners, continually working with them to strengthen our partnerships.
Together with our business partners, we keep our eye on continually changing market conditions to create new value and to grow together.
In accordance with our Green Procurement Standards, we strive to keep up-to-date concerning the environmental activities undertaken by our business partners, and are exploring ways to make effective use of our website to share information about Kaneka's initiatives and perspectives to further promote green procurement efforts.

Initiatives to Prevent Transportation Disasters

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For fiscal 2016, jointly with our transportation contractors, we carried out a year-long awareness-raising initiative to promote safe driving. It included patrols to check whether drivers carried the Yellow Card (see note 1), and programs to raise safety awareness on the premises through safety behavior checks at the time of in-plant loading work. In addition, we monitored the status of legal compliance checks of mobile tanks, and held transport accident emergency reporting drills based on specific scenarios. A simulated training on emergency handling of poisonous materials was held at the Takasago Plant. All these activities have contributed to making staff members confident with the actions to be taken in the event of accidents, and on quick reporting to prevent worsened emergency situations.

Note 1: The emergency response card on transportation of hazardous materials.

Joint drills held with business partners are filled with a sense of urgency (Takasago Plant)

On-site training using protective suits (Takasago Plant)

Check & Act

In fiscal 2016, Kaneka Group will carry out methodical investigations based on the Green Procurement Standards set in fiscal 2013 and in keeping with plans formulated in fiscal 2015, which require inspection of all existing raw materials, in the order of priority, to ensure they do not contain substances that have been prohibited by the company.

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