Achieving sustainable growth by expanding and evolving a technology base through the introduction and fusion of advanced technologies

We will enhance global sourcing and open innovation of technology as a solution provider to develop materials with overwhelming competitiveness. We will also strengthen resource allocation in the fields of life science and electronics to realize unique technologies with great impact, pursuing themes with speed and scale.


Enhancing thermoplastic and thermosetting resin blending and processing technology and advancing integrated technological development from macromolecular design to processing, with macromolecular structure design and precise synthesis technologies as the core, to create new materials, including biodegradable resin produced using heat-resistant composites and macromolecular and bio-technologies.

Quality of Life

Putting into practical use materials that help evolve electronics and a living environment based on the development and introduction of advanced thin-film formation technology, functional film processing technology and extrusion molding technology.

Health Care

Fusing newly introduced catheter-related technology with macromolecular technology, and newly introduced advanced technologies, including microbial biopharmaceutical production technology and regenerative medicine and cell therapy technology, with self-developed technologies to expand the technological field in a spiral manner.


Approaching nutrition from an engineering perspective by acquiring new technologies and developing innovative production technologies, in addition to existing genome editing technology and biotechnology.