From the Editorial Team

Kaneka Integrated Report 2018, covering both financial and non-financial information, has been issued to enhance the understanding of our stakeholders regarding the Kaneka Group’s value creation in the medium to long term.
It is created based on the Medium-term Management Plan as of March 31, 2018.

Organizations Covered in This Report

This report covers Kaneka Corporation and its consolidated subsidiaries both in Japan and other countries. The data on Responsible Care activities encompass the parent and all 60 Group production subsidiaries.
In this report, “Kaneka” refers specifically to Kaneka Corporation. “Kaneka Group” encompasses Kaneka Corporation and Group companies (its consolidated subsidiaries). References to “Group company/companies” do not include Kaneka Corporation.

Notes Regarding Future Prospects

Statements in this report regarding performance forecasts and other future prospects are based on currently available information and certain assumptions that we consider reasonable, and Kaneka Corporation does not guarantee their achievement. Actual results may differ greatly due to various factors.


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