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With our Shareholders and Investors Dividend Policy and Information Disclosure

Kaneka Group strives not only to provide stable and consistent returns to shareholders and investors, but also to disclose information in an appropriate and timely way, in order to maintain their trust, meet their expectations, and help them accurately understand the Group.


Shareholder Composition and Dividend Policy

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As of March 31, 2017, there were 350 million shares issued and outstanding, and 16,807 shareholders. Financial institutions accounted for 48.7% of the total, foreign companies 25.7%, and individuals 16.5%, while other companies and financial instruments business operators constituted the remainder.
Our basic policy on profit sharing for shareholders is stability and consistency, with a target of 30% for the consolidated payout ratio through dividends, combined with flexible repurchasing of company shares. (The payout ratio for the year ended March 31, 2017 was 29.2 %.)
Regarding retained earnings, we work to make the best use of these funds in order to realize sustained growth for the company, while also ensuring financial stability in the face of highly changeable economic conditions.

■ Shareholder Composition

Shareholder Reporting

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We issue reports to shareholders twice per year and also publish them on our website for anyone to read. For topics the reports cover developments of the preceding period using photos and a readable format, and interim reports carry the president’s explanation of the company’s management strategy, as well as special articles of interest to shareholders. We fully redesigned the report cover in 2010 and adopted a larger page format in 2013, all in an effort to improve the look. We also print our publications using environmentally friendly vegetable ink and use easy-to-read Universal Design fonts.

Reports (for Shareholders)

Information Disclosure and Investor Relations

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Kaneka prepares management strategy and plans based on its management philosophy, and in order to maintain the understanding and support of shareholders and other stakeholders, works to provide appropriate and timely information and enhance management transparency.
We conduct briefings after announcing annual and quarterly results, with the president or director in charge providing explanations.
Our website also carries a variety of reports, including financial briefs, securities reports, quarterly reports, annual reports, and financial summaries.

Annual Report 2016

An investor relations meeting

Check & Act

In fiscal 2017, we will continue to build on our fiscal 2016 efforts to ensure proper information disclosure to shareholders and investors.

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