Human Resource Development through Kaneka 1-on-1 —Promoting Growth through Dialogue—

Amid the arrival of the age of change, our corporate mission is to overcome all of our issues and grow flexibly.
Kaneka is naturally a human-driven company. Considering that the results and value of work are generated on-site, we focus on developing employees’ abilities under the idea that it is people who identify issues and resolve them. Believing that the age of change offers a great opportunity for people to show outstanding performance, we have started a new and extremely unique personnel system that grew out of the old one.
The core concept of the new personnel system is to promote employees’ goal attainment and ability development by making them face their issues head-on through frequent dialogue between managers and team members and to shift to a new way of working that grows people and their work for a lifetime.
Specifically, the system requires managers and team members to dialogue (communicate) with each other twice a month, with the aim of strengthening the relationship between them through dialogue (communication) and to encourage subordinates to behave autonomously and voluntarily by stimulating their spontaneous motivation.
It also aims to accelerate the employees’ ability development and human resource development in general by shortening the PDCA cycle through regular dialogue and to promote efficient and effective operations by flexibly modifying the subsequent strategies for achieving goals.
To operate “Kaneka 1-on-1” in accordance with its aims, we hold workshops to help employees understand its purposes as well as training sessions that enable them to acquire coaching skills on a continuous basis.

Human Resource Development through Kaneka 1-on-1

Work Culture Innovation

To maximize the productivity of the organization through effective use of time, information and human resources, which are precious management resources, we have established the Work Culture Committee. The Committee reviews how regular large meetings should be conducted, to make meetings a place of proposals and decisions.

Development of Leaders

As part of our efforts to develop leaders who will drive reform and growth, we enhanced our training programs that focus on early development of leaders and management personnel. In fiscal 2017, with the aim of developing leadership skills and awareness among personnel both in and outside Japan, we held Hitotsubu-no Tane Momi Juku and Kaneka Creative Corner for next-generation leaders, and the Leadership Challenge Workshop for current leaders. We also continued to implement job rotation by enhancing cooperation between the human resource department and other divisions.