Occupational Safety, Process Safety and Disaster Prevention

Placing the top priority for management on safety, we have established the Basic Policy on Safety, under which all employees as well as all persons working at the Kaneka Group and our partner companies aim for no accidents and no disasters.
To share the importance of safety, members of top management inspect plants to check the on-site situation and create an opportunity to talk with employees. Through our safety-related efforts, the actual safety situation is checked by the Safety and Human Health Subcommittee to clarify important matters related to safety that should be addressed in the following fiscal year, which are finally decided by the ESG Committee.
In 2017, we worked on (1) boosting personal safety awareness, (2) enhancing employees’ professional skills and (3) building systems needed to ensure safety as important matters.
We will work to achieve no-accident and no-disaster operations by determining the real causes of individual accidents and disasters, making employees thoroughly aware of basic actions, implementing risk assessment, instructing employees to make preoperative risk predictions, and sharing information on accidents and disasters.

Basic Safety Policies

  • Safety forms our management foundation, and is the basis of all corporate activities.
    We take action with priority given to ensuring safety in all activities in the company.
  • Safety is the foundation of local and worldwide communities’ confidence in Kaneka.
    We do our best to develop their trust.
  • Safety is based on our belief that “All accidents can be prevented.”
    We always move forward without being satisfied with lukewarm results.
  • Safety is the responsibility of every employee in accordance with his/her duties.
    We fulfill our responsibilities by mutually clarifying the duties we have assumed.
  • Safety must be maintained continuously.
    We ensure safety through steady efforts on a daily basis.

Mental Health Care

Mental health care activity is necessary to maintain employees’ mental health. In addition to providing care to those with high stress levels, identified through stress checks (which were introduced in 2016), we launched efforts to improve the workplace environment based on the stress check results. Such efforts involve conducting stress check group analysis for each workplace, identifying problems based on the analysis results, and working to solve the identified problems.

Product Responsibility

The Product Safety Subcommittee under the ESG Committee and its implementation bodies, namely the Product Safety Review Conference and Quality Management Conference, are responsible for all matters relating to product safety and quality assurance within the Kaneka Group.

Quality Management

We at the Kaneka Group strive to benefit society and satisfy our customers, through providing a stable supply of safe and reliable products. To that end, we undertake quality management activities to ensure the safety and quality of our products at all stages of design, development, manufacturing and sales.

In fiscal 2017, related activities included the following:

  • We examined the certification status of inspectors and confirmed that there were no problems.
  • We reorganized the existing Quality Assurance Promoters Conference to comprise persons in charge of quality management in each business division, and operated the Quality Management conference under the new structure.
  • We undertook a range of activities to build the capacity of our employees, including through outside seminars and in-house lectures by external experts.
  • We continued to provide employees in the business and research divisions with e-learning regarding quality control as part of strengthening the foundation of quality management.

Chemical Substance Management

Internationally, regulatory systems are becoming more stringent in order to achieve appropriate management of chemical substances related to consumer products. We strictly follow Japanese and international laws and regulations, and also actively offer information for the proper handling of our products, through displaying the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) labels and providing a safety data sheet for products.