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With Local CommunitiesFostering Youth Development

Kaneka is active in its efforts to foster youth development in communities where it operates.
We continued to support learning in elementary schools through the activities of Core-Net, a non-profit organization of retired executives from Kaneka and other companies, while also participating in the Children's Chemistry Show hosted by the Dream Chemistry 21 Committee.


Kaneka Manufacturing Class

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Pro bono activities have been in the spotlight as a new trend in Japan, and these include activities in which professionals from various fields volunteer their knowledge, experience, and skills as a contribution to the community, and Core-Net is one such organization. Its activities include support for elementary school education using know-how from industry to foster youth development.
Continuing from 2014, we offered Kaneka Manufacturing Classes in which participants assembled kits to build Scrollers II (a small self-powered rolling robot). The classes were offered in June 2016 at Torikai Nishi Elementary School, near the Osaka Plant, to 106 students in sixth grade; in October at Takasago Elementary School, near the Takasago Plant, to 58 students in sixth grade; and in December at Shimosakamoto Elementary School, near the Shiga Plant, to 117 students in sixth grade. Students were very excited about the trial runs in the gymnasiums.
Kaneka employees, mainly newly hired at these plants, joined the classes to guide and assist the students, and to show them the enjoyment and sense of achievement that can come from creating something. In their questionnaire responses, more than 90% of the students said the class was interesting and they would like to do it again. We will continue our efforts to contribute to the community by fostering youth development.

Kaneka employees instructing students
Kaneka employees instructing students

Unveiling the Scroller II in the gym
Unveiling the Scroller II in the gym

The Children's Chemistry Show for Youth Development

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The Children's Chemistry Show, a Chemistry Day event for experimenting with chemistry, was held at the Kyocera Dome in Osaka on October 22 and 23, 2016, and was sponsored by the Dream Chemistry 21 Committee. Chemistry Week celebrations are held annually during the week of October 23, the date of Chemistry Day, which commemorates the Avogadro constant (see note 1). This was the fourth show held in the Kansai region, following the first held in Kobe in January 2014.
Around 7,300 people attended the two-day event, with approximately 330 children visiting Kaneka's booth for eraser making. The children were given 25 minutes each to experiment with creating their "one and only eraser in the world" in three different colors. Drawing on the assistance from the staff, the children and their parents were absorbed in making their very own eraser.
We will continue to show children the power of science through the wonders of chemistry. We look forward to continuing our support for educating the next generation at the next Children's Chemistry Show to be held in Kansai in fiscal 2017.

Note 1: The Avogadro constant is the number of constituent particles (molecules, atoms, ions, etc.), or moles in a substance. It is named after Italian chemist Amedeo Avogadro.

Children make their one and only eraser in the world listening closely to the explanation of the staff
Children make their "one and only eraser in the world," listening closely to the explanation of the staff

Letting children experience the wonders of science
Letting children experience the "wonders of science"

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