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With Local Communities Community Initiatives (Fostering Youth Development)

Kaneka Group engages in highly open and transparent corporate activities to build strong ties with communities and deepen stakeholder understanding of its operations as a good corporate citizen.


Fostering Youth Development

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All parent plants, group companies in Japan and overseas

Conducted regular plant and facility visits, on-site job experience programs, extracurricular classes, outreach lectures, seminars and other events for neighborhood students, local community associations and other groups. Also welcomed student interns and participated in Hyogo Prefecture’s work experience programs for junior high school students.

Plant visit by local high school students Kashima Plant
Plant visit by local high school students (Kashima Plant)

Hyogo Prefecture's work experience programs Kaneka Foods Manufacturing Corporation
Hyogo Prefecture's work experience programs (Kaneka Foods Manufacturing Corporation)

Internship Kaneka Sun Spice Corporation
Internship (Kaneka Sun Spice Corporation)

Takasago Plant, Kaneka Takasago Service Center Co., Ltd.

  • Held an eraser-making event at the Children's Chemistry Show in Osaka by the Dream Chemistry 21 Committee. Around 330 children visited the Kaneka booth over two days. Also invited 10 children from local elementary schools and held an eraser-making event.
  • Conducted a plant visit and cake-making for 60 third-graders in the neighborhood.
  • Held a series of events, from planting sweet potatoes in May to a harvesting festival, for children from neighborhood kindergartens, elementary schools, and special needs groups of people with disabilities.

Harvesting potatoes with kindergarten children

Takasago Plant, Osaka Plant, Shiga Plant

Held the Kaneka Manufacturing Class with NPO Core-Net to teach elementary school children how to make things.

Kaneka Manufacturing Class Osaka Plant
Kaneka Manufacturing Class (Osaka Plant)

Shiga Plant

For the Walnut School (a local multi-stakeholder initiative), conducted for elementary school children in the biotope neighboring the plant, programs such as nature observation trips and wild-herb tempura food tasting.

Food tasting
Food tasting

Hokkaido Kanelite Co., Ltd.

Held an environmental class for local fourth-graders, on the topic of global warming, for the eighth time in fiscal 2016.

Hokkaido Kanelite
Environmental class

Tokyo Kaneka Foods Manufacturing Corporation, Kaneka Hokkaido Styrol Co., Ltd., Tamai Kasei Co., Ltd., Kaneka Foam Plastics Co., Ltd. Shinka Shokuhin Co., Ltd., Nagashima Shokuhin Co., Ltd., Osaka Synthetic Chemical Laboratories, Inc., Kaneka Eurogentec S.A., AnaSpec, Inc., Kaneka Americas Holding, Inc., Kaneka North America LLC

Accepted students from neighborhood schools, including a special needs school, for vocational training. Showed students around the facilities, involved them in packing and lining boxes, explained recycled products, made company presentations at events of the local manufacturing business, and conducted facility tours.

On-the-job training Tamai Kasei Co., Ltd.
On-the-job training (Tamai Kasei Co., Ltd.)

On-the-job training Nagashima Shokuhin Co., Ltd.
On-the-job training (Nagashima Shokuhin Co., Ltd.)

Kaneka Belgium N.V.

Provided support for Musilene, a local youth symphony orchestra composed of young members, to offer opportunities for music and arts education.

Provided support for Musilene, a local symphony.
Provided support for Musilene, a local symphony

Kaneka (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.

Accepted and explained the business outline to 25 prospective doctors from the medical school of the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM).

Accepted medical students.
Accepted medical students

HiHua Fiber Co., Ltd.

Invited employees and their family members to the beach sports festival and the New Year's party to celebrate the 13th anniversary of the foundation and provided an opportunity where they gave performances, such as playing the Yangqin dulcimer and performing martial arts.

Employees and their family members performing a martial art.
Employees and their family members performing a martial art

Kaneka Americas Holding, Inc., Kaneka North America LLC
  • Provided research grants to local graduate students and faculty members.
Kaneka North America LLC
  • Made a donation of 4,000 dollars to high school scholarships in fiscal 2016 by the Kaneka Foundation, an organization that plans and carries out social contribution activities.
Kaneka Eurogentec S.A.,
AnaSpec, Inc.
  • Human resources managers and site managers joined networking events with local universities for career counseling.
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