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Special FeatureⅠ Food Production Support

Around 800 million or approximately one in nine people in the world today are starving.
Meanwhile, in developed countries such as Japan, Europe and the U.S.,
roughly one-third of food is wasted. Food wasted by consumers,
from leftovers and passed expiration dates, amounts to around 222 million tons each year.
This is comparable to the total food production of sub-Saharan Africa (see note 1).
Kaneka Group has initiated efforts to increase global agricultural production and reduce food waste.
Note 1: Sub-Saharan Africa's total food production is 230 million tons. Source: Global food losses and food waste-Extent, causes and prevention, FAO, 2011.

With its dedication to addressing social issues through business, Kaneka Group has been expanding its core technologies. As one of its core technologies since its establishment, the Group’s fermentation technology has created functional foods such as bread yeast and coenzyme Q10. We are further expanding into products that contribute to increasing food supply, such as KANEKA PEPTIDE, a new type of fertilizer that helps address food scarcity, and an anti-freeze ingredient that helps reduce food waste by retaining the quality of frozen foods, in collaboration with universities and research institutes.

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