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Special Feature II Health Care

As a WFP Corporate Partner

Since 2013, Kaneka has been supporting the World Food Programme (WFP) school meal program in Africa, where Kanekalon business operates.

Improving People's Living Standards Leads to Steady Business Growth

As a WFP corporate partner, Kaneka supports the school meal program in Sierra Leone, one of Kanekalon’s markets.

By donating part of our sales of Kanekalon to this program, we supplied school meals to about 700,000 elementary school children in total from 2013 to 2015. We decided to continue our support for this program from 2016 until 2018. In areas where the elementary school dropout rates of girls are high, we are also providing rice and vegetable oil to girls whose families lack food.

We received the following feedback from a child in the elementary school supported by the program: “(Because of the WFP school meal program,) I can eat breakfast and lunch at school every day. I can concentrate in class and actively take part in the discussions. My grades are also better and I don’t get sick. I am thankful for the WFP and its supporters.”

Enjoying lives at school, studying and gaining knowledge allows the children to dream of their future. Dreams support children to grow up to play key roles in helping develop a future society. As a WFP corporate partner, Kaneka will continue to help improve the living standards in communities we operate, which will lead to steady growth of our businesses.

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