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Special Feature II Health Care

Sixth Stakeholder Dialogue (Summary)

Kaneka holds dialogues with various stakeholders to exchange different perspectives and opinions to deepen mutual understanding, and collaborate by sharing common issues.
On February 26, 2016, we held a dialogue with the Japan Association for the World Food Programme to discuss the importance of continuing support and their expectations from corporate support.

©WFP/Hukomat Khan

©WFP/Lou Dematteis

The World Food Programme (WFP)

The World Food Programme (WFP) is the world's largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger worldwide, which is part of the United Nations, and is voluntary funded. The Japan Association for the World Food Programme is a certified nonprofit organization supporting it in Japan. WFP is in charge of logistics and telecommunication; in emergencies, aiming to bring food and other relief supplies to the field within 48 hours, with 70 airplanes, 5,000 trucks and 20 ships for this purpose.

Kunio SuzukiKunio Suzuki
Executive Officer
Japan Association for
the World Food Programme

"Solving social problems takes a long time.
Continuous support is needed."

WFP works toward a world without hunger in Africa and various other regions. Almost none of its programs end in a single year. We are truly grateful to Kaneka for its long-term commitment to help the communities of Sierra Leone for a total of six years.

From Kaneka
We will continue our commitment to support the development of African countries in our own way, which we believe will strengthen the communities' trust on us and support our business growth.

Yuji KoteraYuji Kotera
General Manager
Business Development
Japan Association for
the World Food Programme

"We hope Kaneka will teach children about the situation on global food and hunger."

At an event held by one of our sponsor companies in Japan, we conducted a food tasting of the corn-based porridge supplied to the local people in Africa. Through the event children’s attitude toward food changed: They had more appreciation for their food. I believe talking about the global food situation at corporate events also educates the children about food.

From Kaneka
At our 65th anniversary event held in 2014, we introduced the school meal program and conducted fund-raising activities. We will continue working on awareness programs in the future.

Please read the Stakeholder Dialogue (Full Report) for more details.

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