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Examples of efforts by the Material Solutions Unit

Original Functional Plastics Offering New Values to Society

For a comfortable, eco-friendly society,
efforts have been made to extend the life and reduce the weight of buildings,vehicles, wind generating systems,and information devices.
Our five business sites in Japan,
Belgium, the United States,Malaysia, and Germany provide our original functional plastics,contributing to creating effective solutions.

Production through Region-Oriented Application Development for Global Sales

Kaneka's Original Functional Plastics Open a New World of Plastics

Kane Ace, a resin reinforce used for various purposes

Kane Ace used as tablet press-through packaging

The advent of resin modifiers capable of providing new functions to meet the needs of the times has promoted the active use of plastics. A modifier is a material that can enhance the heat resistance, weather resistance, and elasticity of plastics by being added in small amounts to vinyl chloride and other plastics. Kaneka has unique techniques and strong proposal capabilities in the field of functional plastics, including modifiers and liquid resins with special functionalities.

Shift from Metals to Plastics
Kane Ace MX to Reduce Vehicle Weight

For the blades of wind power generators

Plastics are increasingly used as automotive parts to reduce vehicle weight, and the demand for highly durable adhesives is accordingly increasing. Kane Ace MX is a modifier capable of enhancing the strength and flexibility of epoxy resin used for adhesives. Epoxy resin is liquid at room temperature. Since advanced techniques are required to mix powdered modifier and liquid, we offer technical services to mix Kane Ace MX and epoxy resin evenly at the nano level. Epoxy resin with high strength and flexibility is used as adhesives for automotive parts and the blades of wind power generators, making it possible to reduce weight and extend life.

Kaneka MS Polymer to Make Buildings More Beautiful and Robust

Kaneka MS Polymer used as automotive repairing agents

Kaneka MS Polymer is used as weather-resistant, durable, elastic, beautiful, and highly workable sealing materials. Since houses and buildings expand and contract due to wind and vibration, gaps need to be inserted between building materials. Kaneka MS Polymer is a functional resin that can be changed from a liquid state to a rubber state when reacting with the moisture in the air, maintaining the robustness of buildings over a long period. It is also widely used as adhesive for the facing tiles of buildings.

Globally-Recognized Kaneka's Functional Plastics

Kaneka's Functional Plastics Having Large Japanese and Global Market Share

Kaneka is the only modifier manufacturer in Japan. Kane Ace, which improves the shock resistance of vinyl chloride without damaging its transparency, maintains an overwhelming lead in global market share. Kaneka MS Polymer, the world's first liquid resin developed by Kaneka, is an architectural sealing material having a large market share in Japan.

Our Creative Technologies for Social Development Win Five Awards of the Society of Polymer Science

The Award of the Society of Polymer Science is given to those who have made creative and excellent achievements to promote polymer science and technologies in Japan. Kaneka has received the award five times for the production methods of Kane Ace, the molecular design of Kaneka MS Polymer, the industrialization of KANEKA TA Polymer, and more.