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Examples of efforts by the Material Solutions Unit

Solutions from Customer-Oriented Application Development

In addition to developing and selling products as a functional plastics manufacturer, Kaneka also develops new applications of products at our technical service laboratories to meet various customer needs.
Before starting the operation of a new Kaneka MS Polymer plant, to ascertain market needs, Kaneka (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.
opened a technical service laboratory in 2015 in Kuala Lumpur, where the office is located.

Connecting ASEAN Needs and the Applications of Kaneka MS Polymer

Local employees sharing ideas from a local perspective at the Technical Service Office of Kaneka (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. in Kuala Lumpur

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) comprises diverse ethnicities and cultures; accordingly, the products, services, and quality in demand also vary. Region-specific needs should be identified to develop new applications of Kaneka MS Polymer. Thus, we visit potential customers and listen to their opinions to find out their needs.
At the laboratory, Japanese employees familiar with Kaneka MS Polymer and Malaysian members acquainted with local information share their ideas to develop new applications of the product.

"I want to develop new technologies for customers and their country." -Atsushi Kawakami of Kaneka (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd., at that time

"Our ultimate goal is to develop new applications of Kaneka MS Polymer in the ASEAN market. The standard of living in the region has been getting better along with ASEAN's economic growth, and I'm sure that Kaneka has the power to make their lives even better.
We will be finding completely new needs, not limited to the conventional use of sealing materials." -Atsushi Kawakami of Kaneka (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd., at that time

Developing New Applications to Provide Solutions for Life in the ASEAN Region

Durability test

The hot and humid climate in the ASEAN region exposes buildings to harsh conditions.
Especially in Malaysia, strong sunlight and heavy precipitation severely deteriorate roofs, causing a leaky roof within two or three years.
Not only does this problem make residents' life inconvenient, but it is costly to maintain.

To address this issue, we are working jointly with our customers to develop a highly durable coating-film waterproof agent for external walls and roofs.
To sell new materials in the ASEAN market, it is essential to combine our compounding technologies with customers' construction techniques to generate new added-value products.
Kaneka works with our customers to develop one product, from manufacturing to construction, so that we can provide our original technical support that no other competitor can offer.

Collaborating with Our Customers for the Development of Malaysia

"Local customers can develop their own products using Kaneka MS Polymer to meet local needs. It is easy to import and sell foreign products, while this also may undermine local industry. Producing products with their own technologies will develop the country's industry. From this perspective, we aim to create new products with many customers, so that our materials can contribute to national development." -Atsushi Kawakami, mentioned above

How Our Products Are Distributed to the Market

Stakeholder Message

Department of Architecture
Shibaura Institute of Technology
Kenji Motohashi

I expect Kaneka, adhesive manufacturers, and construction companies to jointly generate new solutions.

In the early 1980s, mortar was mainly used to attach facing tiles to building walls. After specifications for exterior adhesives were developed in 1997 by the public and private sectors, including Kaneka, adhesives were gradually used.
JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards) and ISO (international standards specified by the International Organization for Standardization) were established as well.
This movement improves reliability, and the tile industry is increasing its use of adhesives.
Kaneka is excellent at creating completely original products, such as Kaneka MS Polymer, which no other companies have. I expect to see new solutions based on the synergy effect among construction companies with rich experience in construction work, adhesive manufacturers familiar with actual needs, and Kaneka providing base polymers.