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KANEKA at a glance

The results of our major CSR activities in fiscal 2015 are presented below.

Materials Balance (FY2015)

We summarized the resources and materials used and the emissions and products that resulted from manufacturing at all four parent plants in fiscal 2015.

Materials Balance (FY2015)

Participants in CSR Briefings


Since fiscal 2014, CSR Briefings have included Group companies in Japan. In fiscal 2015, we held briefings at 16 locations of six companies.

Promoting CSR

Energy Intensity


Energy saving efforts combined with increased production allowed us to reach our goal. We achieved an overall decrease of 2.9% from the previous year.

Addressing Climate Change

Environmental Investments


Breakdown: Air quality: 44.8%, Work environment: 23.8%, Water quality: 19.6%, Noise reduction: 6.8%, Dust: 2.7%, Odor reduction: 2.3%
Total: 12.8 billion yen (FY2000-FY2015)

Environmental Accounting

Final Landfill Disposal Rates


Of the 67,856 tons of total waste generated, only 4.7 tons were disposed of in landfill. This marks the tenth consecutive year of reaching our zero emissions goal.

Reducing Waste and Preventing Pollution

CO₂ Emissions Intensity


For all four parent plants. We achieved our fiscal 2015 goal, far exceeding our fiscal 2020 goal of 74.

Addressing Climate Change

ISO 9001 Certification

41divisions and group companies

Obtained the international certification for quality management to improve customer satisfaction.

Certification of Kaneka and Group Companies

Safety improvements in potential unsafe areas


The Osaka Plant worked on logistics safety improvement, resulting in improvements in 48 out of 53 potential unsafe locations.

Sustainable Procurement

Consolidated Payout Ratio


For the period ended on March 31, 2016, targeting a stable, consistent consolidated payout ratio of 30%.

Dividend Policy and Information Disclosure

Support after the Kumamoto Earthquake


Donated to aid people affected by the April 2016 Kumamoto earthquake in their recovery efforts. We also donated 1,000 sheets of Kanelite Foam insulation in response to a request from the area.

Initiatives for the Global Community

Six-year participation in TFT

Since 2010 we have participated in the Table for Two (TFT) program, with 20 yen per meal from each of the cafeterias at four business operation sites going to support school lunches in Africa.

Community Initiatives (Global Community)

Participants in Start-of-Day Emergency Drills


Implemented emergency drills especially for the safety confirmation sequence, calling out the names of participants and examining emergency hotlines.

Safety and Disaster Preparedness

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