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Third Party Comment/ Response to Third Party Comment

Third Party Comment on the 2017 CSR Report

Chieko MinamiChieko Minami
Professor of Marketing, Graduate School of Business Administration, Kobe University.

Graduated from the Faculty of Letters, Kobe University.
Completed a Master's Degree in Communication from Michigan State University.
Completed a Master's Degree at the Graduate School of Business Administration, Kobe University.
Withdrew from the Doctoral Course.
Formerly an associate professor at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Yokohama City University before assuming current post.
Doctor of Commerce. Specializes in the field of marketing.

I expect this CSR Report to become more intelligible for readers to enhance information disclosure to stakeholders.

To make a third-party comment, I read over the back issues of the Kaneka Group CSR Report. I would like once again to evaluate the fact that Kaneka maintains a consistent stance of defining its CSR as "a social contribution through business activities" and publicizing it.
For example, the Special Feature, titled "Biopharmaceuticals," focuses on employees in the field and introduces their willingness to contribute to achieving a sound society using storytelling. The company's stance on CSR is fully highlighted by having employees describe their social contributions through technologies and products. The theme changes each year, but Kaneka maintains a consistent style.
I was also impressed by the visually appealing design of this year's report, which helps stakeholders easily understand the contents.
The meaning of environmental data is indicated compactly and graphically by making effective use of figures and graphs. What is important in production activities is to continue to publicize the company's efforts to reduce environmental burdens as well as reasons for failure if targets were not achieved. It is also meaningful to disclose each year the "Kaneka CSR Activities: Targets, Achievements, and Evaluations." Such active information disclosure will engender the trust of stakeholders, resulting in making the company more valuable.
The comment from a male employee who took child-care leave in the "With Our Employees" category in the website version should also include more detailed information, such as the specific period of absence, the support structure in the workplace, and the treatment of his career, in addition to his feedback on child-care leave. Working-style reforms have been promoted by the government, even though it is still difficult for male employees to take child-care leave in the manufacturing industry. Creating work-life balance is a high-profile social issue; thus the report will be more content-rich by having a quantitative perspective.

From the Editorial Team: Response to Third Party Comment

In the CSR Report 2017, for strengthening communication with stakeholders, near the beginning of the report we highlighted special features on our efforts for "Environment and Energy" and "Health Care" as well as "Making Our Lives Better" as our social contribution through business activities from among our various key strategic domains. These articles contain the concept for and significance of each initiative, together with messages from stakeholders.

Personal talk with the CSR Committee head
Personal talk with the CSR Committee head

In addition to evaluating our efforts and improvement activities since last year, Professor Minami also provided advice on several areas for improvement, and having a quantitative perspective on high-profile social issues. We will implement these recommendations in the next report to better communicate our efforts.
Our goal is to continue reporting specific CSR initiatives through business activities to all our stakeholders, and to address their concerns by producing a CSR report that provides full disclosure. We would appreciate any comments, suggestions, corrections, or other feedback on any information contained in this report. Finally, thank you to all our stakeholders for taking the time to read this report.

Administration Office CSR Committee
Kaneka Corporation

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