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Stakeholder Feedback

We present feedback from the readers of Kaneka Group CSR Report 2016 below.


Survey PeriodAugust 5 to October 24, 2016
Analyzed PeriodAugust 5 to October 24, 2016
Survey CoverageKaneka Group CSR Report 2016
Number of Valid Responses422

Q1 What were your impressions of the Kaneka Group CSR Report 2016?

Q2 Which articles in the Kaneka Group CSR Report 2016 interested you most or left an impression? (choose all that apply)

1. Addressing Climate Change 43%
2. Reducing Waste and Preventing Pollution40%
3. Fostering Youth Development30%
4. Community Initiatives (The Environment)26%
5. Quality Management25%
6. Biodiversity Conservation24%
7. Community Initiatives (Global Community)23%
8. Community Initiatives (Local Communities)21%
9. Communication Is Our Start Line20%
9. Community Initiatives (Fostering Youth Development)20%

Key Opinions

Q3 Which areas would you like to see improved or know more about?

  • I expect you to include more employee-related articles (women's active participation, employment of handicapped and elderly people, mental health, childcare/nursing care leave, etc.), as well as articles about community interaction efforts, current business activities, and future business plans.
  • It would be better to provide more articles about your environmental conservation efforts, including detailed activity information, initiatives for global-scale issues, and voices of workers in the field.
  • I found your CSR Report very intuitive, compared to those of other companies. I expect you to make the report even better, for example, by increasing the text size, decreasing the number of characters, and narrowing down topics.

Q4 What did you think about the special features?

Special Feature I: Food Production Support
Power of Science to Enrich Life with Food Worldwide

  • I think that both Kaneka Peptide and antifreeze ingredients are amazing technologies. While having different approaches, these technologies will solve food-related issues around us.
  • I have high expectations of your efforts to reduce food waste.

Special Feature II: Health Care
Making Smiles in Africa

  • I was impressed with your initiatives to provide support for issues in developing countries through business activities. I expect you to offer continuous support, including the WFP school meal program.
  • This special feature allowed me to understand your long-term support efforts for children and women in Africa who suffer from poverty and food shortages.
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