Transparent resin with heat and light resistance
Organic-inorganic molecular hybrid resin

Attractive Materials for optics application were development by the own molecular design.

Non-solvent type thermosetting resin

Properties can be controlled by the choice of the organic and inorganic component.


High heat resistance

High transparency after heating
(200℃, 24h)


Epoxy resin for optical use(Right)

High thermal stability around 300℃

Fig. Thermogravimetric analysis under N2.

High gas barrier property


Item   unit ILLUMIKA™ F
viscosity 23℃ Pa・ sec 0.4
Hardness 23℃ Shore D 86
Tg(TMA)   N.D.
C.T.E. 40-50℃ ppm/K 82
Total light transmittance 3mmt % 91
Refractive index 25℃ (nD) 1.50

■ Values here were obtained from our laboratory and were not guaranteed.