Investor Relations

Returns to Shareholders

Dividend Policy

Kaneka’s management places a high priority on strengthening its financial base while increasing its earning capability and returning profits to shareholders. In returning profits, Kaneka’s basic policy is to give overall consideration to its business performance each fiscal year, medium- to long-term earning trends, investment plans, financial position, and other factors, and to continue stable profit returns with a target consolidated dividend payout ratio of 30% as well as acquisition of treasury shares.

The basic policy is to pay dividends from surplus twice a year, as an interim dividend and a year-end dividend. In accordance with the provisions of the Companies Act Article 459 paragraph 1, the Articles of Incorporation state that dividends from surplus may be conducted by resolution of the Board of Directors.

Kaneka’s internal reserves are used to ensure financial stability while responding to the dramatically changing economic situation and taking action to realize sustainable growth.

Trends in per-share dividend

Acquisition of Treasury Shares

The Company plans to execute a purchase of treasury stock with an upper limit of 400,000 shares (0.57% of the total number of issued shares) or ¥2.0 billion from February 12, 2019 to March 22, 2019.

Acquisition record

Number of stocks acquired*2 Acquisition amount
The 94th Term(ended March 2018)
(Apr. 3, 2017-Aug. 31, 2017)
3,000,000 share 2,560,659,000 Yen
The 93th Term(ended March 2017)
(Mar. 9, 2017-Mar. 21, 2017)
2,000,000 share 1,802,860,001 Yen
The 92th Term(ended March 2016)
(Apr. 1, 2015-Aug. 31, 2015)
1,964,000 share 1,804,905,000 Yen
The 91th Term(ended March 2015)
(Feb. 10, 2015-Mar. 24, 2015)
2,000,000 share 1,594,299,000 Yen
The 90th Term(ended March 2014) - share - Yen

*1 The Company conducted a consolidation of shares of common stock at the ratio of five shares to one share on October 1, 2018.

*2 Figures in parentheses indicated the ratio of the number of acquired shares to the total number of issued shares at each time.