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Kaneka Europe Holding Company N.V.

Office : Brussels, Belgium

Planning business strategy and strengthening governance in Europe, the Middle East and Africa(EMEA), supporting business of Kaneka and local corporations in EMEA.

Kaneka Belgium N.V.

Office : Brussels, Belgium
Plant : Westerlo-Oevel, Belgium

Established in 1970 to manufacture Kane Ace B, an impact modifier for PVC, Kaneka Belgium now also manufactures Eperan and Eperan PP, polyolefin foams, Kaneka MS Polymer, an elastic sealant base polymer, and Kaneka Silyl, an elastic adhesive base polymer.

Kaneka Pharma Europe N.V.

Head Office : Brussels, Belgium
Office : Eschborn, Germany

Established in 1994 to market plasmapheresis systems in Europe.

Kaneka Eurogentec S.A.

Head Office : Liege, Belgium

Established in 1985 by Professor Martial of the University of Liege, this company has a record of experience and results that is over 20 years long in business fields based on biotechnology. In 2010, it became a consolidated subsidiary through a capital tie-up. It primarily manufactures and sells proteins, nucleic acids and peptides for medical and diagnostic pharmaceuticals as well as for experimental research pharmaceuticals.

Kaneka Modifiers Deutschland GmbH

Head Office : Wesseling,Germany

Manufacturing acrylic modifier and acrylic sol.

Kaneka Africa Liaison Office

Head Office : Accra City, Republic of Ghana

Established in Ghana Republic in 2016 as an affiliate of Kaneka Europe Holding Company N.V., for promotion of Kanekalon business development, market research and deployment of other businesses.

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