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Fundamentals of R&D

R&D Integrated with Business Activities

Research plays a leading role in our operations. As a specialty chemicals company, in our R&D activities we aim to create an advanced lineup of specialty products for specific markets that we select. By building upon core polymerization and fermentation technologies, and by achieving synergies between diverse basic technologies, since its establishment Kaneka has produced a wide range of product lines, which currently span nine different business divisions.

In order to survive the current environment of rapid globalization, dramatic market changes and borderless competition, it goes without saying that a company must have an R&D framework that will allow speedy managerial decision-making based on close collaboration between the sales division and the R&D division. With this in mind, we are implementing an R&D framework aimed at integrating marketing with R&D. With the goal of promoting more specialized and efficient R&D, as well as creating new businesses which will serve as the driving force behind Kaneka's growth in the 21st century, we have established five laboratories, one in each business segment and technical field.
R&D strategies, including setting priority R&D domains, determining R&D fields of strategic technologies, and allocating R&D resources, are decided at R&D strategy conferences chaired by the President.

Proprietary Technologies and Synergies R&D Framework