We are promoting open innovations in order to provide unique, global number‒one, and excellent materials.

Kaneka’s European Photovoltaics Research Laboratory

Location :

Leuven, Belgium

Established in imec. Promotes R&D in high efficiency solar cell technology.

Kaneka US Material Research Center

Location :

Texas, USA

Established in Texas A&M University. Promotes R&D in the composite-related business.

Kaneka US Innovation Center

Location :

California, USA

Promotes open innovation including M&A, in addition to research and new development of “health” and “information communication”.

Kaneka Basic Technology Collaborative Research Center

Location :

Osaka, Japan

Established in Osaka University. Promotes leading-edge new products and production methods in the fields of electronics and functional plastics.

Collaboration with major domestic universities

Tokyo University, Kyoto University, Osaka University, Kobe University, Hokkaido University, etc.