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Business segments and technical fields

Material Solutions New Research Engine
Engages in R&D on cutting-edge new products and production methods related to the electronics and functional resin fields.
BDP Technology Laboratories
Engages in technical development on research, composition, processing, and evaluation related to biodegradable polymer.
Biotechnology Research Laboratories
Engages in R&D on new products and technologies in biotechnology and fine chemicals.
Regenerative Medicine and Cell Therapy Laboratories
Engages in R&D on devices related to regenerative medicine and cell therapy and new technologies and product related to cellular medicine and therapy.
Photovoltaic & Thin Film Device Research Laboratories
Develops new products by expanding the application of photovoltaic cells and transparent electrodes using thin film forming technology and device technology.
Process Technology Laboratories
Develops processes and production technology in device-type and assembly-type business domains based on process design technology and chemical engineering analysis technology.
Process Development Research Laboratories
Engages in the development of innovative processes and production technology for business domains such as photovoltaic cells, organic EL lighting, resin processing, and high precision engineering molding products.