Confectionary Dough Conditioner for Crack Prevention Has Been Developed.

―Improvement in Productivity and Quality Achieved by the Power of Enzyme―

Kaneka Corporation
January 16, 2019

Kaneka Corporation (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Mamoru Kadokura) has started the sale of “Kaneka Gateau Up CP1”, which is a dough conditioner* for confectionary with the function that prevents cracks occurrence on biscuits last December. Biscuits such as sablé, cookie or langue de chat may partially crack spontaneously about in a week from the next day of the production. It is known that there is bias in water distribution inside of doughs shortly after the baking of biscuits, which causes contracting force acting on doughs in the course of homogenization over time, leading to cracking. With the help of enzyme, this product spreads out over a wide range the force that generates when a dough shrinks as it dries out, to prevent the occurrence of cracks. Generally, in the conventional techniques, baking time is elongated at low temperature to reduce bias in water distribution, or a dough itself is hardened so that it does not easily crack. Elongation of baking time or hardening of a dough itself, however, leads to decrease in quality. Use of our product enables the prevention of crack occurrence on biscuits without the risk of deteriorating productivity or quality. Toward the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Kaneka aims to offer solutions and create new values focused on the souvenir confectionary market that anticipates the growth in inbound demand

*A conditioning agent (or a formulation) used for stabilizing the quality or improving the mouthfeel of bread or sweets doughs.