Clinical research on regenerative medicine of alveolar bones starts using Kaneka’s closed-circuit cell culture system

― At Cell/Regenerative Medicine Center of Matsumoto Dental University ―

Kaneka Corporation
October 6, 2017

Kaneka Corporation’s (Osaka, Japan; President: Mamoru Kadokura) closed circuit cell culture systems are adopted for the clinical research “Regenerative Medicine of Alveolar Bones*1 Using Autologous Bone Marrow Stromal Cells*2” which will be conducted at Matsumoto Dental University*3 (Shiojiri, Nagano, Director: Hiroshi Yagazaki). This clinical research with the systems is the first trial in the field of dental and oral surgery and comes second in Japan to the clinical research on reconstructive mammaplasty*4 at “Cellport Clinic Yokohama*5” managed by a Kaneka Group company.


The system hermetically contains a case and allows almost unmanned automatic cell culture, which contributes to cost reduction and high safety without contamination by bacteria. In addition, a combination of the system and an air-flow controlled clean booth made by Dai-dan Co., Ltd. (Osaka, President: Shohei Kitano) comprises a compact and low-cost cell preparation room*6.

We believe that this clinical research by Matsumoto Dental University Hospital will demonstrate these features and allow middle-scaled medical facilities such as core hospitals and clinics in the region to constructively introduce the company cell preparation rooms with the low-cost and safe closed-circuit cell culture system, through which we will be able to contribute to prevalence and development of the regenerative and cell medicine.

  1. Jaws that support teeth.
  2. Cells that exist in marrow and are capable of being various cells (differential ability) such as bone, cartilage, fat.
  3. Cell/Regenerative Medicine Center of Medical and Dental Practice Dept. (opened on Sep.15, 2017).
  4. This clinic particularly performs cell-assisted lipotransfer (CAL) that aims for higher concentration of stem cells in the injected fat using the patient’s fat and stem cells derived from the fat to increase the survival rate although there are some other reconstructive mammaplasty methods such as silicone implant.
  5. Professional clinic in the filed of “advanced cosmetic surgery” (Yokohama, Director: Naoko Tsuji) managed by Biomaster, Inc (Yokohama, President: Satoru Nakatani), one of Kaneka’s group companies.
  6. The investment and maintenance costs are reduced to approximately 1/10 compared with the conventional rooms. It was successfully built in a small space of 6 ㎡.

Kaneka’s closed-circuit cell culture system