Kanecaron press event at Milan Italy

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Kanecaron press event at Milan Italy

August 28, 2012
Kaneka Corporation (Osaka, Japan; President: Kimikazu Sugawara) is holding the “Lustrous Press Event” in Milan, Italy, as part of its global business expansion of “Kanecaron Lustrous Fur” (trademark: “Lustrous”; hereafter referred to as “Lustrous Fur”). Proactively encouraging its use in high-class European apparel brands will accelerate its usage in China and other markets.

We have applied our global, groundbreaking pile-fabric processing technology (the Lustrous process) to “Kanecaron®” which already has the feel and texture of natural hair and fur; the result is Lustrous Fur – a new faux fur fabric with drastically reduced shedding of the pile fibers (fur loss).

At this press event, there will be presentations and viewings of products designed by the famous European apparel designer Marios Schwab (*) for designated mainstream media and other general guests. At the same time in Milan, the European textile trade fair “Milano Unica” (2011 statistics: venue area – 62,200 m2; 483 exhibitors; 21,400 visitors) is holding its 2013-14 fall/winter season exhibition. Consequently, we are expecting the attendance of a large numbers of media, buyers, designers and fashion enthusiasts.

Date: September 11 2012
Place: Villa Necchi
Schedule :
17:00 ~ Presentation for media, press preview
18:30 ~ Cocktail party

Marios Schwab, 28-year-old designer with roots in Greek and Austria, successfully graduated from Central St Martins School in 2003, debuted in London during September 2006 Fashion Week, immediately obtaining buyers and journalists’ consent for his conceptual and sensitive style and for the extreme attention paid to details. In 2006 he was also awarded as the Best New Designer during British Fashion Awards.

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