Kaneka establishes Kaneka Taiwan Corporation and holds opening ceremony

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Kaneka establishes Kaneka Taiwan Corporation and holds opening ceremony

September 15, 2011
In the aims of expanding its business in the Taiwanese market and further strengthening ties with Taiwanese companies actively expanding their operations into China, the largest market in Asia, Kaneka Corporation (Osaka, Japan; President: Mr. Kimikazu Sugawara) established Kaneka Taiwan Corporation (President: Kenji Kurimoto) in Taipei in July this year to perform market surveys and sales support activities. The opening ceremony was held on September 9 and was attended by representatives from the company’s major trading partners.

The Taiwanese economy grew an impressive 10.8% in 2010 thanks to factors like the expansion of electronics-related industries. Taiwan is home to several leading global manufacturers of computers, LCD monitors and other such products and in recent years has also enjoyed a growing presence as a base for exports to and investments in China catering to industries such as electronic materials and food retail.

Kaneka Taiwan Corporation will serve as a base for customer-focused development of electronic materials and sales support in the booming Asian market and will seek to accelerate business expansion. It will also collect market information and promote the strengthening of sales support for other businesses as well. The company will be one of Kaneka Corporation’s corporate bases for Asian development, and its functions will be enhanced in the months and years to come to support the expansion of various businesses.

Outline of the New Company

-Company name: Kaneka Taiwan Corporation

-Business: Market surveys and sales support activities

-Capital: 10 million Taiwan dollars (approx. 28 million yen)

-Established: July 2011

-Head office: Taipei, Taiwan

-Representative: Kenji Kurimoto, President

-Shareholder: Kaneka Corporation (100%)

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