Kanekalon Hair show 2013 in Nigeria

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Kanekalon Hair show 2013 in Nigeria

November 29, 2013
Kaneka Corporation (Headquarters: Osaka Japan. President: Mr. Kimikazu Sugawara) hosted 【Kanekalon Hair show 2013】an event celebrating hair extension made from the synthetic fiber 【Kanekalon ®】manufactured and produced by Kaneka Corporation.

The event took place 2nd November 2013 (local time) at Lagos, the largest city in Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Since 2010, Kaneka Corporation has been hosting a year-end fan appreciation event “Kanekalon Night of 1000 Braids” for three consecutive years inviting those general users patronizing Kanekalon hair extensions to sit back and enjoy the night of fun and entertainment.
This year, the guests consisted of professionals including hair stylists, salon owners, industry people, Kanekalon partner clients and with the inclusion of the press, close to 400 guests enjoyed the largely successful 【Kanekalon Hair show 2013】.

The event consisted of lively demonstrations on stage and interactive experience sessions of the innovative new fiber; water-repellent and anti-bacterial “AQUATEX” (tentative) as well as “FUTURA ®” offering silky softness like human hair. The guests were also given the opportunity to view a hair show introducing the latest hairstyles to be launched from Kanekalon partner clients as well as to be entertained with sophisticated treats such as listing to beautiful voice of a popular artist.
【Kanekalon Hair show 2013】concluded with great success, memorably embedding the Kanekalon division’s concept 【Offering beauty, quality and safety to women】.

Ever since its introduction in 1987, Kanekalon has won the love of Nigerian women for 26 years and with its strategic communication drive through events and media actively starting in 2010, has strengthened the brand awareness even more.

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