Price revision of liquid sodium hydroxide

―Kaneka increasing the price by 20 yen or more per kilogram for shipping on and after December 16―

Kaneka Corporation
November 30,2017

Kaneka Corporation (Minato, Tokyo, Japan; President: Mamoru Kadokura) is revising the sales price of liquid sodium hydroxide. For shipping on and after December 16, 2017, Kaneka adds 20 yen or more per kilo-gram (solid-base) to the current price.

The domestic demand for sodium hydroxide is increasing over the upward trend in the previous year due to constant shipment promoted by the economic recovery. The overseas demand is greatly increasing as well due to application for alumina in China and India and economic growth in Southeast Asia. Meanwhile, the supply is decreasing due to environmental regulations in China, which have been making the demand and supply unbalance and causing the overseas market price to increase.

Kaneka’s sodium hydroxide business is expected to experience an increase of repair and renewal of manufacturing devices in addition to an increase of electricity costs in the future.

We determined that we cannot deal with the issue by self-efforts and cannot avoid increasing the price again for continuance of the business and stable supply for domestic customers under such situation although we increased the price this spring.