Kaneka’s wall-mounted solar panels adopted for temporary fencing at the construction site,Toranomon Office (provisional name) of Japan Meteorological Agency

―See-through and low-reflective colored solar panels are used―

Kaneka Corporation
May 10, 2018
Kaneka Corporation’s (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Mamoru Kadokura) wall-mounted photovoltaic power systems are adopted for the wall surface of temporary fencing at the construction site, the new Toranomon office (provisional name) of Japan Meteorological Agency/Minato-Ward Education Center built by Taisei Corporation. The systems are introduced as two independent power systems*1, one of which is composed of a 170-W see-through solar panel and the other is a 190-W low-reflective colored solar panel to save energy and promote utilization of renewable energy at the construction site. These systems were developed for zero-energy buildings (ZEB) and achieves a high design property and a good daylight performance as opening part of walls. These systems will be used until the construction is completed.

The see-through solar panel has a semitransparent function to ensure day lighting and visibility in and out the construction site and generates electricity using sunlight. The low-reflective colored solar panel prevents direct reflection of sunlight to provide a solution for the reflected glare in urban areas. Kaneka has a wide variety of colored solar panels and materializes a color scheme that matches the design of the building*2.

Kaneka is focusing on consolidating original wall-mounted products for buildings in addition to roof-mounted photovoltaic power systems for houses. To achieve the ZEB, wall-mounted solar panel products are necessary, and those satisfactory designs are required by architectural designers.

Kaneka will increase the number of its solar panel installation in the public architecture as well as improving the original solar panel products, design proposals and construction methods more to provide solutions for environmental and energy issues.

  1. This is a system that stores electric power generated by the solar cell into the battery and supply it as necessary.
  2. Five different colors of solar panels, which represent the corporate color of Taisei Corporation, are adopted.

(Specifications of solar panels)
See-through solar battery per panel: dimensions 1200 mm × 988 mm × 11 mm, 30 kg, aperture ratio 10%, 85 W output
Low-reflective colored solar battery per panel: dimensions 1000 mm × 300 mm × 69.5 mm, 5.5 kg, 17 to 21 W output

(Photo of solar panels installed-on the temporary fencing: left, low-reflective colored solar panels; right, see-through solar panels)